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Coop News!!

I'm passionate about quilting. Hobbies come and go, but this one has stuck. I would like (I think) wood working, but I spend too much time quilting to try! I'm also in my 32nd year of a career in education. Love music, cooking, reading, watching good movies with my sweetie, and loving on our dogs.

My interest in quilting began at an early age around seven or eight. My great grandmother, Hattie May Nichols inspired and taught me how to hand quilt. I remember watching her every day after completing her morning duties, she would spend her free time hand sewing quilt blocks together. I can still see her sitting in her chair working away hours upon hours. Needle and thread in hand, working ever so gingerly and patiently using whatever fabric she had available, cotton, silk, polyester, corduroy, and denim. Before you knew it she would have a beautiful quilt that she and her daughter would hand tie. I couldn’t wait to start. I think my dolls really enjoyed my quilts. How I wish, I had kept some of my beginning quilts. I took a break for quite some time.  Then, an opportunity sparked my interest again and reintroduced me to quilting again. It was a passion my husband and I both shared. We were invited to help a group of ladies hand quilt a top on a set of quilting frames that hung from the ceiling.

I seriously got back into sewing and quilting when my husband and I joined a local quilt guild. Wow, had time evolved. I had no experience sewing with a sewing machine or many of the tools I saw being used. I stood back and observed. I was the one who would usually assist and help others out by pressing or ripping out seams. Then, I purchased a Janome sewing machine and found the right pattern that was not too scary (Yellow Brick Road). I still have my very first quilt! My journey began and continues on today. I have had the opportunity to share my quilts with family and friends throughout the years. Quilting has also allowed me to assist other people in surprising their loved ones with a quilt and has allowed me to have a story to share as well. Just knowing I had a part in bringing a little joy to someone else’s life and provided them with comfort during their battle with obstacles their facing in their own lives is so meaningful and rewarding beyond measure. Seeing that spark in their eyes when they first see their quilt is priceless and sharing in the tears with them makes it worth it all. “My cup over flows.”
I’m often asked, “What’s your favorite thing about quilting?” My favorite part is picking the fabric for a quilt. People have told me, “You have a good eye for color.” I have come to learn, that this is the most stressful part for some. I love it! Walking into a quilt shop and seeing all the amazing colors is like therapy to me.  I could play in fabric all day long! I just love seeing the end project.
Never knowing what life has in store for you, a dream of Bruce and mine became a reality a year ago. Scrappy Rooster Quilts opened their door. The motto of our shop is to share the passion we have for quilting with as many people as we can, in hopes quilting will be a continued art for many more generations. If we don’t reach out and inspire others I’m scared quilting could disappear.  Who would have thought, I would be teaching a beginners quilt class. All I can say is, “Thanks Honey!” Teaching and sharing with others has been so rewarding for me. I have been so blessed by the people that I now call my quilting buddies for life. Working with them to get the quilting process down has been so inspiring for me. I remind them that I am learning right along with them. I am so thankful for our paths crossing and leading us on this journey together. Their excitement is contagious and has been greatly needed to keep me inspired, especially when I go through those slumps and not in the mood to quilt. What’s our next project? These words are music to my ears after weeks of their hard work.
Thanks for reading! Let me know you saw this and tell me your story.
Happy Holidays!!!
Mrs. Scrappy Rooster Rhonda
From The Coop
Wow! What a wonderful year this has been for Scrappy Rooster Quilts! We are so appreciative of the support from you, our wonderful friends! Opening a business post retirement is sometimes scary, but for us, opening the quilt shop has been an awesome adventure. We are thankful you’re along for the ride.
We started with a very small inventory and have added more items to meet and fill your sewing needs. We have a good idea of where to go in our second year, and we look forward to sharing this adventure with you!
Our shop hop in January was a hit. We met so many wonderful people! We are grateful that the North Florida shops invited us to be a part of the hop. We are working on completing our quilt for the January 2020 hop. You’ll have something to SEA so don’t act like a fish out of water while you wait! Shop Hop passports will be on sale soon!
Moving forward our classes will be scheduled by quarter. What does that mean for you? More opportunity to get your schedule to work around your sewing! Scheduling that much needed time with your sewing bestie. Offering you the classes you’ve asked for, consistency and providing top notch instructors with knowledge and skills to share.
Now that we are in our second year, we will continue both the beginner’s class and quilt university. I can’t speak for Rhonda’s beginner’s class, but our quilt university group will become one and we will make a quilt with all of our procedures we have learned. I’m designing said quilt now.
Our top classes have been Rhonda’s Beginning Quilter’s Class, Quilt University, and One Block Wonder. We’ve seen quite a few new folks join the quilting community, and boy, are they sewing right along.
Our next One Block Wonder class will be held on November 9th. We have one spot left, call the store and register before you miss this exciting new class or to secure your seat for the next session. Check out the website for photos from the current class.
I’m happy to announce that Lori Frederick is now giving us a helping hand by re-designing and updating our website. She’ll have our classes, events and schedules there for you. You will soon be able to sign up for classes and events online. I’m excited. Lori is making it great!
Our long arm quilting services are in full swing! We added a second machine last fall. Now, we’re adding a second Statler Stitcher in December. This is a much needed addition and will help us decrease our turnaround time.
Our long arm guidelines are being updated. We will get the updates out to you ASAP. After that they will be posted on the website. This will help you prepare your beautiful quilt tops for submitting them and help us provide you with the best quilting with no delays.
We are having fun with Rooster Club. Participants get a sample of new fabric each month, we give demos utilizing that sample and projects that can be completed using it. Each month we issue a different challenge to participants. It is so great to see their products at the next meeting. We’ve got some very talented folks among us.
Our Embroidery Club meets once monthly, usually on a Thursday. We provide an atmosphere where embroiderers can learn from each other. We provide a project which can be completed during their time at the shop. We meet from 9 AM to 3 or 4 PM.
I could keep going like the Energizer Bunny…
Stay informed by visiting our website. I will continue to send emails and do my live Facebook feeds.
Thanks again for making this quilt shop journey a dream come true for us!
Fondly, Scrappy Rooster (aka Bruce)
March Madness???
Ok. I should be inspiring you all, I know. Honestly, I'm pooped! After my weekend marathon quilting and non stop business at work, vet visits,'s just time to rest for an evening.
Four quilts are off to their owner, and I am pleased with all results.
I'm pumped that my friend, RD, made a large board template holder for my pantograph boards. I nearly loaded a quilt and got started. We sat and visited with RD and Lou for a bit, I baked some muffins, ate one, and now I think I'll just turn in for the evening.
Take care of yourselves! It is fine to go, go, go, but it is of the utmost importance that you get some rest. I'm looking forward to a long winter's nap tonight, and I plan to get home tomorrow afternoon and work on a project or two and get ready for our monthly quilt guild lock-in this Saturday. Have a restful night! Seweet Dreams! (Yes, pronounced so-eat. Get it? Sew?...:)

The Perspective of an Inch
I've been marathon quilting on the long arm. (By the way, I named my long arm machine Maggie Ailene after my grandmother and mother.) So, Maggie Ailene and I were quilting our 4th quilt since Friday evening and I realized just how tired I was. I was also getting a little warm, so I kicked off my shoes and quilted in my barefeet.
Maggie Ailene seemed to purr right along. The quilting felt better. I thought, "Wow, what a difference an inch makes!" I quilted a long busy row of leaves, swirls, and daisies.
I thought about our lives, and how if only we'd take time to see things from different perspectives, things might be clearer to us. We might understand issues better. We might be more accepting of those around us. Wow. A difference of perspective of only an inch. The next time I'm faced with a difficult decision or a challenge, I am going to remember the perspective of an inch.
I stopped for a moment to watch/listen to the Voice and write a bit. I'll head back to the quilt room (studio???) and finish that last row of the 4th quilt. I'll get it trimmed up and the lot sent to the quilt shop tomorrow. Ah, a task well done, if I say so myself.
Enjoy your relationships, hug those you love.

In the Beginning


My wonderful mother, pictured here at a picnic from a few years ago, instilled in me a love of cooking, quilting, and preserving my heritage. As a child I often watched her sew dresses and items for her nieces or other people.
Through the years, several other women were instrumental in leading me to a love of quilting.
I began piecing and quilting 19 years ago. I bought a Thimbleberries book and fell in love. I made a table top quilt by looking at the picture in the book. It turned out decently enough for my first quilt. I stitched in the ditch, and I did my darndest to bind that thing with that pre-packaged binding. It didn't take me long to realize there was a better way. So I did some self-teaching, reading, visiting quilt shops, and became a quilter.
I quilted on my Husqvarna Viking for years. I finally bought a long arm seven months ago. I haven't stopped quilting since. Piecing, well, I still try to do some of my own. I haven't even quilted anything for me yet. Oh well, the time will come. I did quilt my wife's nice Christmas quilt for her.
I'm still working full time as an Assistant Principal, so this quilting has to be done at night. I'm in for the long haul and plan for this to be my new career once retired from education.
See the long arm quilting page for info on my prices. I am posting the patterns as quickly as I can. The ones posted right now are .02 cents per square inch. I have many other patterns not posted here yet.
I encourage you to keep stitching! Keep on doing what you love to do, whatever that may be.
My mom died on November 3, 2013, and there isn't a day goes by that she isn't guiding me as I piece, choose fabric, look at patterns, or quilt. (Or in the kitchen cooking!) Make time each day for those you love!
May your bobbins always be full and your stitches secure!
Scrappy Rooster

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